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  • MISKAM consists of a 3-dimensional non hydrostatic flow model and an Eulerian dispersion model. The physical basis are the complete 3-dimensional equations of motion of the flow field and the advection-diffusion equation to determine the concentrations of substances with neutral density. The calculated result is the stationary flow- and pressure-field, diffusion coefficients and the concentration field in an area of typically 300 m x 300 m (60 x 60 cells or more, non equidistant grid). The main application is in built-up areas where neutral atmospheric stratifications are dominant. Input parameters are: Information about the grid, the buildings, the aerodynamic roughness of the areas between the buildings and on the building surfaces as well as position and strength of the sources. Additionally, initial information about the wind direction, the wind speed and the reference height of the wind speed is necessary.
  • MISKAM-Version 4.2 is validated in detail by Dr. Eichhorn.


  • WinMISKAM adds to the above mentioned MISKAM a statistics module to determine statistical values of concentrations (annual mean and 98-percentile), adds an NO-NO2-conversion model, integrates everything in a user-friendly Windows-Surface which enables digitizing of the buildings from a bitmap, handling of the non equidistant grid with the mouse, easy gridding of the buildings, tools for the interactive preparation of the input files and graphical features to control the input and output. Additionally needed input information are long-term 3-dimensional statistics of the wind speed and the wind direction and the distribution of the emissions in the course of the week. The calculated results are the concentrations (annual mean values and 98-percentils) of the air pollutants under consideration (incl. NOx and NO2).
  • WinMISKAM has an interface to PROKAS_V (program to determine the concentrations by surrounding streets). The addition of the concentrations determined by PROKAS_V and the concentrations determined by WinMISKAM is done time correlated with the single values in order to assure a correct determination of the 98-percentile.

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