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Urban climate

Services sector: Urban Climatology

The ongoing densification of the city centres results in the increasing need to take care for urban climatological factors in city skeleton planning.

Lohmeyer Consulting Engeneers provide answers to all important features of urban climatology as

  • pedestrian comfort
  • urban ventilation
  • endangerment by wind gusts
  • thermal comfort
  • local air pollutant dispersion
  • concentration field (for example induced by vehicle traffic)

The comparison of several alternatives of a planned building development allows an optimization of the planned construction under the aspects climatology and air quality.

Example: Analysis of the modification of the windspeed in the sphere of influence
of a planned construction, compared to the present situation. The numbers indicate
the change of the wind speed (and thus the ventilation) in comparison to the present situation.

The answering of urban climatological questions necessitates the analysis of the wind -, turbulence - and dispersion conditions in a scale of a few meters (pedestrian comfort) to several kilometers (range of coverage of a modified ventilation).

To answer urban climatological questions we use numerical modelling and windtunnel measurements. Windtunnel measurements are an approved procedure, especially to examine complex flow fields and to achieve an area-wide coverage.

Example: Area-wide display of wind speed near the ground after realization of a
planned construction. At interesting points the pedestrian comfort can be determined.

The lifelike modelling of the flow and dispersion allows a reliable prediction of the concentrations. The temporal resolution of the measurements are seconds, thus also studies concerning the dispersion of odorants can be executed. Laser light techniques allow a visualization of the flow - and concentration field.

Example: Schematic display of the flow - and concentration field in a plane leewards of a high rise building. The air pollutants are released near the ground.