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Line Sources


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WinMISKAM supplementary module

Line Sources


The WinMISKAM-supplementary module Line Sources ist able to introduce emissions, consisting of line sources (see Fig. 1), by mouse click into the grid of MISKAM (see Fig. 2). The tideous allocation of the emission does not need to be executed. This feature is comparable to the feature "Buildings Gridding", allocating buildings to the grid of MISKAM for cases where the buildings were defined independent from the grid.

Informations, defining the line sources are for example the coordinate of the beginning and the end of the segment, the width of the segment and the emission density for up to 10 air pollutants. Default pollutants are benzene, NOx and PM10. Line sources can be digitized directly at the screen or entered from an ASCII-file and can be saved independent from the grid of MISKAM.

Fig. 1: Road net (red lines), displayed in WinMISKAM

Fig. 2: Road net (red lines) allocated by WinMISKAM
supplementary module "Line Sources" to the MISKAM
grid (boxes with emissions = yellow areas).