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Company profile

Ingenieurbüro Lohmeyer GmbH & Co. KG

Line of business: Consulting in air pollution control, environmental aerodynamics, software and olfactometry


The Karlsruhe office of Lohmeyer was founded in 1983, in 1992 a branch office was implemented in Radebeul in the neighbourhood of Dresden. In 2003 the "SFI Software GmbH for air quality calculations" and a state certified laboratory for applied odorimetry were integrated thus setting up Ingenieurbüro Lohmeyer GmbH & Co. KG. The company is a consulting business, mainly working in the fields Air Quality Protection, Microclimatology, Environmental Aerodynamics and Environmental Software.
The company has about 20 employees, among them environmental, civil and mechanical engineers, meteorologists, physicians and geographers. The owner of the company, Dr. Achim Lohmeyer is an official expert for problems concerning air pollution, air quality and microclimate, officially appointed and sworn to impartiality by the chamber of commerce and industry Karlsruhe. He and his staff members are appointed to more than 10 relevant standardization boards and research institutions of Germany.
The following tools and experience are available at Lohmeyer for applications.

a) All dispersion models with tools for data input and preprocessing needed for licensing procedures for environmentally relevant projects as

  • Lagrangian Dispersion Model LASAT and WinAUSTAL2000
  • Micro-scale Flow- and Dispersion Model WinMISKAM for built-up areas
  • Models for dispersion calculations of car exhausts, also for built-up areas
  • Diagnostic Wind-Field Model DIWIMO for calculation of wind-fields
  • KALM Model for calculation of valley drainage flows
  • CFD Model PHOENICS for calculation of building aerodynamics, interior flow and flow within tunnels
  • Mesoscale prognostic flow models ProWiMo and METRAS-PC

b) Instruments 

  • Emission monitoring and odorimetry, certified collective of test people
  • Ultra Sonic Anemometer with turbulence module for meteorological measurments
  • Wind tunnels: we make use of different tunnels of universities
  • Air samplers for tracer gas measurements.

In 2010 about 200 projects were executed and finalized. About 70 percent of this business volume were expert advices, about 20 percent software products and about 10 percent scientific research projects.