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GIS Services

Geographical and environmental information systems are an existential part of spatial related work. GIS are used in studies, documentation and sientific themes. 
Lohmeyer Consulting Engineers is using GIS in contract working since 12 years.  Beside using GIS for expert‘s reports Lohmeyer Consulting Engineers has the knowlege in the field of geographical databases and programming gis based user friendly graphical interfaces to work with modelling data. Mainly Lohmeyer Consulting Engineers operates with the product family ArcGIS from ESRI for modelling geo data. Furthermore experiences are availabe developing own GIS software.


  • Developing user specific and user friendly applications for geographical information systems
  • Developing specific environmental information systems
  • Creating data bases including digitalisation and maintanance
  • Modelling geo data
  • Programming GIS based web applications
  • Georeferencing base maps
  • Projections and Transformations of Coordinat Systems
  • Intersection and Analysis of spatial data
  • and more










  • IMMIKARTGIS: GIS based software system for modelling and documentation of air pollutant concentrations for large areas and for big road networks considering punctual mesurement data (http://www.umwelt.sachsen.de/umwelt/luft/3648.htm)
    Client: Sächsisches Landesamt für Umwelt, Geologie und Landwirtschaft
  • METEOKARTGIS: GIS based Database of nocturnal cold air flow and wind fields in Saxony
    Client: Sächsisches Landesamt für Umwelt, Geologie und Landwirtschaft
  • ISY-Raum: Developing and Geographical Informationssystem for spatial data
    Client: City Administration Stuttgart
  • SELMAGIS: System for air pollution modelling and documentation based on the GIS ArcGIS from ESRI (http://www.lohmeyer.de/en/selma)
    Client: SELMAGIS is in practical use in Germany, Denmark, Austria, Bosnia- Herzegowina,  Lithuania and Bulgaria.
  • Environmental Road Net Database Brandenburg: Creating an unic database to modelling trafic induced emissions and air pollutant concentrations
    Client: Landesumweltamt Brandenburg
  • ENVI-City: MLuS-Online European Environemtal Database
    Client: European Union
  • PROKASOnline: online system for modelling and representate air pollutant concentration based on current traffic and meteorological mesurement data in the city of Stuttgart (http://www.stadtklima-stuttgart.de/index.php?luft_onlineschadstoffe_einl...) and Sachsen-Anhalt.
    Client: City Stuttgart and Landesumweltamt Sachsen-Anhalt
  • SAM-I: Online System for modelling air pollutant concentration considering 1/2 hour values (http://www.stadtklima-stuttgart.de/index.php?luft_samsonline_infos)
    Client: City Stuttgart
  • GIS based modelling of air pollutants at large road networks of big towns for air quality action plans e.g. Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dresden, Rostock.
    Clients: Local Environmental Administrations


  • ArcView ArcGIS 8.3, 9.0-3, 10.0-10.1
  • ArcView 3.3
  • Access