We offer software that is constantly in use in our office during the preparation of expert opinions and therefore has a high user comfort and quality standard. This software was partly

  • developed by us to improve the quality and efficiency of our internal consulting work, and some of the software was
  • commissioned work.

Application areas of the software are

  • Calculation of atmospheric flow processes
  • Calculation of atmospheric dispersion processes
  • Particulate matter forecasts for today and the following day
  • Calculation of odorous substance emissions
  • Incident information concerning dispersion of pollutants

For further information please visit our product overview

  • Karlsruhe

    An der Rossweid 15
    76229 Karlsruhe

  • Dresden

    Friedrichstraße 24
    01067 Dresden

  • Bochum

    Wasserstr. 223
    44799 Bochum

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