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University of Mainz, 55099 Mainz, Germany


  • MISKAM is a 3-dimensional non-hydrostatic climate -, flow - and dispersion model for the microscale prediction of flow - and concentration fields. It covers in the vicinity of single buildings, as well as streets with adjacent buildings and city quarters. MISKAM was developed by Dr. J. Eichhorn, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, University of Mainz. The model was continuously refined and is now validated on the basis of a large variety of field measurements.
  • Buildings are introduced explicity within the grid for the calculation not just as increased roughness but by their occupation of the grid cells. Thus the basic for the details of the flow in the vicinity of buildings is correct.
  • The physical basis of MISKAM are the full 3-dimensional equations of motion as well as the advection-dispersion equation for substances of neutral density.
  • MISKAM version 6.42 has been further developed by Dr. Eichhorn in close cooperation with our Dr. Flassak and extensively validated according to VDI-RL 3783 Bl. 9. MISKAM version 6.42 has been available since November 2021.


  • The WinMISKAM program system includes an intuitive, layer-based graphical user interface (in German and English) and always contains the latest MISKAM version (version 6.42).
  • WinMISKAM allows the creation and editing of the configuration file, the control file and the graphical output of the results on the screen or on the printer.
  • Background maps can be loaded e.g. in JPG, BMP, TIF or PNG format or from WMS services (OpenStreetMap or others).
  • Configuration files for MISKAM are created interactively. The non-equidistant 3-dimensional grid can easily be edited by a mouse.
  • Building cadastres can be created in WinMiskam directly on maps with the mouse or imported from cadastres in shape format.
  • WinMISKAM calculates the annual mean value, percentile value and threshold value exceedance probability from the MISKAM result files for individual flow directions and pre-pollution values.
  • NO-NO2 conversion is treated according to Romberg et al. (1996) or alternatively with a simplified chemistry model (Duering et al., 2011) . In the simplified chemistry model of Duering et al. directly emitted NO2 from traffic vehicles is considered.
  • The PROKAS_E add-on module is available for calculating traffic-related emissions.
  • For advanced visualization of WinMISKAM results a ParaView interface is available.
  • WinMISKAM runs on all current WINDOWS systems.

The following image shows an example of the perspective 3D representation of the MISKAM configuration file (INP file):

The following illustrations show an X,Z section (2D/3D) of a MISKAM results file for concentration (Supplementary module Extended Graphics):

Recent publication concerning WinMISKAM

A list of publications concerning MISKAM and WinMISKAM can be found here.

WinMISKAM-supplementary modules

For the basic version of WinMISKAM the following supplementary modules are offered:


We will be pleased to make you an offer on request.

WinMISKAM demo version

Please contact Tilo Hoffmann ( in order to get a free of charge trial version of WinMISKAM

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