Real-Time-Monitoring-System for evaluation the air quality in urban areas

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 Posted: 02.08.2013

PROKASOnline is a real-time-monitoring system for the evaluation of the air quality in urban areas. With PROKASOnline it is possible to modelling hourly air pollution concentrations in street canyons considering current traffic, concentration and meteorological measurement data.

PROKASOnline includes adapted versions of the dispersion models of PROKAS_V and PROKAS_B. By this way it is possible to consider influences of each street segment of a street network and the building conditions in street canyons as well.

The influence of topographic complex terrain to the wind field can be implemented by the diag-nostic wind field model DIWIMO2. If nocturnal cold air flow is relevant PROKASOnline is able to integrate special cold air wind fields.
PROKASOnline is able to apply data of only a few street segments and also many segments of large street networks.

Area of application
The results of PROKASOnline are saved as graphics which can be published on webpages and therefore serve to inform citizens (e.g. about the current air quality situation.
PROKASOnline can be applied in combination with traffic management systems, which can integrate the results as additional control variable. Thus it is possible to implement measures considering not only the local but also the integral decreasing of air pollutions. By this way environmental sensitive traffic management systems can be applied.
PROKASOnline stores considered measurement data and the modelled concentrations in a data base. With this data base it is possible to make a huge amount of statistical analyses, e.g. averages of defined periods, amount of increasing threshold values etc.

The calculated concentrations are visualized preferable as a layer on georeferenced background maps like air photos (figure 1). Additional the results can be represented in Google Earth as kmz-files, which also can be distributed via e-mail manually or automatically.

Figure 1: NO2-concentrations, which are calculated with PROKASOnline, illustrated at a georeferenced aerial photo.

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