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... AUSTAL2000 for Windows


WinAUSTAL is a user-friendly interface for creating and visualizing the AUSTAL2000 input file as well the graphical representation of the computational results.

With WinAUSTAL the user is able to examine quickly and conveniently existing and projected facilities as well related to air pollutant dispersion in accordance with the German "Technical Instruction Clean Air" and the German Odour Policy (GIRL).

The Lagrangian dispersion models such as AUSTAL2000 are not subject to the limitations of the Gaussian dispersion models. To model real conditions complex terrain, buildings as well spatially inhomogeneous and time variable wind/turbulence fields can be handled with Lagrangian dispersion models.


  • Project-based, intuitive, layer-based user interface in German, English and recently in Turkish
  • The dispersion model AUSTAL2000 and the odour dispersion module AUSTAL2000G can be controlled directly and completely from WinAUSTAL.
  • Everything in view by multi-window control and history list
  • NEW! Generation and representation of distance radii
  • NEW! Representation of LASAT concentration fields
  • NEW! Producing and representing isolines for concentration fields
  • AUSTAL2000 and AUSTAL2000n (wet deposition) 2.6.11 integrated
  • 3D visualization of building data
  • Import of meteorological data
  • Loading and saving of all relevant settings with one file
  • Gauss-Kruger coordinate system and UTM coordinate system selectable
  • The AUSTAL2000.txt can displayed and edited in text- and graphic mode
  • Easy digitization of sources, monitor points, individual buildings and building inventories
  • Add and visualizing of extra layers (SHP, DXF, MIF, DBF, CSV)
  • Automated creation of building grids for complex building structures
  • Import (DBF, CSV) of meteorological data (WS, WD and global radiation, ari pressure or cloud cover) to create dispersion category statistics
  • View, edit and convert of dispersion category statistics
  • Full implementation of Google Earth in the WinAUSTAL user interface
  • Creation of geo-referenced maps from Google Earth*
  • Creating topography files from Google Earth or GlobDEM50 data and direct transfer to WinAUSTAL
  • Import of building inventories in ESRI Shape format
  • Geo-referencing of digital maps (TIF, BMP, JPG, EMF, WMF)
  • Layout of maps / calculation results (including north arrow, scale bar and legend)
  • Export of all representations or layers in ESRI Shape format or as a graphic file (BMP, JPG)
  • Character set of Austal2000 adjustable (ISO-8859-1 or UTF8)
  • Easy creation and editing of variable time series for source emissions
  • Batch processing of AUSTAL2000 calculations possible
  • Calculation of wind field libraries (without starting dispersion caluclation)
  • Calculation and presentation of evaluation areas for GIRL
  • Predefined and own legends selectable for presentation of results
  • Multiplication, addition or division of 3D AUSTAL2000 result files (DMNA format) by selecting a layer and in consideration of factors and / or exponents
  • Representation of concentration fields as a horizontal section with freely definable legend on geo-referenced maps
  • Representation of wind fields (vectors) as a horizontal section with freely definable legend on geo-referenced maps
  • Representation of time series to monitor concentration points for a quick overview of the most heavily loaded hours in the calculation period
  • Export of all calculation results into ESRI Shape files (point or polygon) optional under consideration of factors and addition of background concentration
  • Colour transparency of concentration fields adjustable
  • WinAUSTAL is tested on WINDOWS XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 und WIN10


  • AUSTAL2000 is the official dispersion model for permitting procedures of technical plants in Germany. It has been developed by Ingenieurbüro Janicke, Dunum on behalf of the German Federal Environmental Agency and provided for free use under GNU license.
  • AUSTAL2000 meets the demands, contained in appendix 3 of the German "Technical Instruction Clean Air" (TA Luft). Since 01.10.2002 this law passed the legislative bodies and the code AUSTAL2000 was made available.
  • AUSTAL2000 is a Lagrangian particle model (according to guideline VDI 3945 / 3), allowing to calculate as well concentration time series as statistical parameters.
  • AUSTAL2000 needs as input a meteorological time series "AKTerm" or the statistics for wind speed, wind direction and dispersion category.
  • AUSTAL2000 can treat point, line and area sources.
  • AUSTAL2000 contains a diagnostic wind model in order to treat the effects of complex terrain and buildings.
  • AUSTAL2000 implemented the odor module AUSTAL2000G **. Thus it is possible to calculate odor hour frequencies.

*  Publishing Google Earth maps requires a separate Google Earth Pro Licence
** AUSTAL2000G was funded by the federal states of Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Wuerttemberg


Program interface

Screenshot WinAUSTAL Pro for AUSTAL2000


Google Earth Integration

Screenshot WinAUSTAL Pro for AUSTAL2000


Computational parameters

Screenshot WinAUSTAL Pro for AUSTAL2000


Time series generator

Screenshot WinAUSTAL Pro for AUSTAL2000

Representation of concentration time series

Screenshot WinAUSTAL Pro for AUSTAL2000


Representation and editing of dispersion category statistics

Screenshot WinAUSTAL Pro for AUSTAL2000


Result representation

Screenshot WinAUSTAL Pro for AUSTAL2000


Wind field representation

Screenshot WinAUSTAL Pro for AUSTAL2000


Prices (valid from 01.01.2019)

WinAUSTAL Pro, single user licence, 6 month email-hotline and software updates included. € 3.450,-- 
WinAUSTAL Pro maintanance (costs per year) € 466,80

(For orders from outside Germany no VAT has to be charged, for orders inside Germany a VAT of presently 19 % is added)

WinAUSTAL Pro supplementary modules are only available in connection with the latest version of WinAUSTAL Pro. In case you have a maintenance contract, you always get the latest version of WinAUSTAL Pro.

In case there is no maintenance contract, for an update to the latest version of WinAUSTAL Pro € 26,70 (plus VAT) are charged per month of the period without maintenance contract. The period without maintenance contract starts 6 months after the purchase date of WinAUSTAL Pro.

WinAUSTAL Pro trial version

Please contact Tilo Hoffmann  (tilo [dot] hoffmann [at] lohmeyer [dot] de) in order to get a free of charge trial version of WinAUSTAL

Downloads (Help, Bugfixes)


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