PC-program for the estimation of odour
emissions from 5 types of plants and odour concentration

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  • GERDA II is a tool with which within the framework of licensing procedures, or in the case of neighbourhood complaints a first statement about the relevance of plants odour emissions can be obtained.
  • GERDA II calculates the frequency of odour hours on the basis of the Lagrangian particle model AUSTAL2000 (for more information see www.austal2000.de).
  • GERDA II provides for the area of Baden-Wuerttemberg (Germany) on a 500 m grid calculated synthetic wind statistics. Alternatively own dispersion class statistics (AKS) for the dispersion calculation can be loaded and used.
  • GERDA II provides estimates for the odour emissions for the following 5 types of plants:
    • Waste composting plants
    • Lacquering
    • Smokehouses
    • Sewage treatment and
    •  Foundries

The emission calculation in GERDA II has been compared with a few available emission measurements. Seven comparisons were both lower and higher up to an factor 4.
In GERDA II, the odour emission can be entered as a point or an area source.

  • In GERDA II, the calculated frequency of odour hours is shown as raster grafic on topographic maps TK25. 3 color levels are shown:
    • Odour hours frequencies below 10%: no coloring,
    • Odour hours frequencies greater than or equal to 10% but less than 15%: blue coloring and
    • Odour hours frequencies greater than or equal to 15%: red coloring.

Topographic maps TK25 for the area of Baden-Wuerttemberg are included. Alternatively, own maps, including georeference can be loaded and used as background map.

  • GERDA II is running on WINDOWS 2000/NT/XP with at least 1 GB of RAM. The installation of GERDA II requires approximately 2.8 GB of disk space.
  • GERDA II is delivered with the background report of GERDA II and also with the background report of GERDA I. This report provides information on the functional relationships for the odour emissions and the most important parameters.
  • GERDA II background report (PDF, 839 KB; in German language): GERDA II (extension of GERDA to dispersion calculation, deployment of wind information and assessment)

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Price (valid from of 01.01.2008)

Product Price

GERDA II, Single-user license (program, background report GERDA I and II as a PDF document, topographic maps TK25 for Baden-Wuerttemberg and calculated synthetic wind statistics for Baden-Wuerttemberg on a 500 m grid on DVD for Windows 2000/NT/XP, requires at least 1GB RAM and approximately 2.8 GB of free disk space, the purchase price includes a fax hotline to 6 months after purchase)

Important hint: Software and documents only available in German language.


(For orders from outside Germanye there is no VAT to be charged,
for orders from Germany the VAT, presently 19 %, is added.)

Order form (pdf-file, 64 kB)
Since 31.12.2007 GERDA I is no longer distributed. GERDA I is fully contained in GERDA II.

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