SAMS Global - Immissionsberechnung bei Schadensereignissen

System for calculation of air pollutant concentrations
on accidental releases


What is SAMS-Global?

SAMS-Global is a software system for the simulation of the dispersion of air pollutants during and after an accidental release at stationary (fixed installations) or mobile (for example transportation) sources. SAMS-Global calculates the airborne pollutant concentration in an area up to approx. 30 km x 30 km and shows as result isolines of the concentration. With this information, vulnerable areas can be identified and targeted actions can be taken in a timely manner. SAMS-Global is available in German and English.

During a run SAMS-Global calculates in each case every 3 minutes

  • Concentration distribution at the actual time and the
  • expected concentration distribution one hour in the future



SAMS-Global basic version

SAMS-Global contains of the following modules:

  • Gaussian cloud model based on guideline VDI 3945 sheet 1 (see:
  • Mesoscale diagnostic complex terrain wind field model[1]
  • Release rate model for gases, liquids and liquid gases with pool evaporation
  • Substance and scenario database


[1] Topography and land use data are not included for applications outside of Germany and can be supplemented by us optionally. This is not the subject of the present offer. Without topography and land use data a flat terrain with a homogeneous land cover is assumed for the dispersion calculation.

Extention modules

At the moment the following extention modules are available:

  • Extrapolation of measured meteorological data (10 minutes average of wind speed, wind velocity, turbulence and atmosperic stability) at one or several meteorological stations.

Hardware Requirements

No special hardware requirements are necessary for SAMS-Global. Suitable processors are e.g. Intel® Core i5 or better. Screen size should not be smaller than 19 inches. Prerequisite is a current WINDOWS operating system and Internet access.


Prices (valid from 01.01.2023)

SAMS-Global, single user licence, 6 month email-hotline and software updates included.

€ 5.875,--

SAMS-Global maintanance (costs per year)

€ 846,-

(For orders from outside Germany no VAT has to be charged, for orders inside Germany a VAT of presently 19 % is added)

SAMS-Global supplementary modules are only available in connection with the latest version of SAMS-Global. In case you have a maintenance contract, you always get the latest version of SAMS-Global.

In case there is no maintenance contract, for an update to the latest version of SAMS-Global € 59,25 (plus VAT) are charged per month of the period without maintenance contract. The period without maintenance contract starts 6 months after the purchase date of SAMS-Global.

Please feel free to contact Dipl.-Geogr. Tilo Hoffmann email:

Downloads (Manual)

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