... Software for guideline VDI 3781 part 4 "Discharge conditions for exhaust gases - Small and medium combustion systems and other installations"


Guideline VDI 3781 Part 4

Since July 2017, the guideline VDI 3781 Part 4 “Environmental meteorology - Discharge conditions for exhaust gases - Small and medium combustion systems and other installations” has been published. With this guideline for chimney height determination, the requirements of immission control for undisturbed exhaust gas discharge with the free air flow and for sufficient dilution of the exhaust gases can be fulfilled. The guideline contains the specifications for calculating the required minimum height of chimneys used to discharge emissions from:

  • combustion plants
  • installations releasing organic solvents (e.g. installations not requiring a permit within the scope of the 31st BImSchV)
  • Installations emitting other pollutants
  • small and medium-sized combustion plants according to the 1st BImSchV

Since the chairman of this VDI working group is from our company, it is thus guaranteed that the software implementation of this guideline was carried out completely in the sense of this guideline. If you do not wish to purchase the software implementation of the guideline VDI 3781 Part 4 (WinSTACC software), we also offer the determination of the minimum height of the outlets of exhaust gas discharge systems according to guideline VDI 3781 Part 4 as a service.

WinSTACC - software implementation of the guideline VDI 3781 part 4

WinSTACC is a user-friendly software implementing the VDI guideline 3781 Part 4. The essential features of WinSTACC are:

  • Determination of required chimney height
  • Calculation of several alternative positions of chimneys to determine the lowest chimney height
  • Calculation of the area of influence of the chimney to be assessed
  • Determination of the reference level (highest upper edge of supply air openings or of windows and doors in the area of influence of the chimney)
  • Project-related, intuitive, layer-based user interface
  • Loading of background maps e.g. in JPG, BMP, TIF or PNG format or of OpenStreetMap maps
  • Easy digitization of buildings, building structures and chimney positions
  • Visualization of building data in 2D and 3D
  • Visualization of the follow-up zones relevant for the calculation of the chimney height
  • Creation of a protocol
  • Export of the visualizations (2D and 3D) as a graphic file (BMP, JPG,PNG)
  • Loading and saving of all relevant settings in a project file


Screenshots of the user interface are shown below.


If you are interested in WinSTACC with a single or multi-user licence, as well as for training and support, we will be happy to provide you with an offer.

On request, WinSTACC is also available with the VDI guideline VDI-RL 3781, sheet 4. We supply the guideline as a write-, print- and copy-protected PDF.

If you have any questions, please contact Dipl.-Geogr. Tilo Hoffmann (tel.: 0351 / 83914-19 or e-mail:, or Dr.-Ing. Thomas Flassak (tel.: 0721 / 62510-21 or e-mail:

WinSTACC demo version


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