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WinMISKAM supplementary flow module

The WinMISKAM flow-through add-on module helps you to define flow-through building boxes. In the configuration file, the building area through which the flow is to pass can be dragged with the mouse (see Fig. 1) and the flow direction (x or y) and the vertical area can be defined (see Fig. 2). In the configuration file, defined boxes are graphically marked depending on their flow direction (see Fig. 3).

There is no need to count the box indices and enter them in an ASCII editor. In addition, the correct definition of the boxes through which the flow passes can be checked visually.

Fig. 1: Selection of flow-through building boxes by dragging with the mouse

Fig. 2: Definition of the flow direction in dialog

Fig. 3: Graphic labeling of the flow-through boxes

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