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WinMISKAM supplementary module Line sources

The WinMISKAM add-on module Line Sources can map emissions that are available as line sources (see Fig. 1) to the MISKAM calculation grid with a mouse click (see Fig. 2). There is no need to distribute the emission on the grid. This feature is comparable to the menu item "Gridded building register", where buildings that are defined independently of the grid are transferred to the MISKAM computational grid.

Line source information includes the start and end point of the line segment, the segment width and the emission density for a maximum of 10 pollutants (preset: NOx, NO2, PM10 and PM2.5). Line sources can be digitized directly on the screen or read in from a shape file and also saved independently of the MISKAM calculation grid.

Fig. 1: Roads (red lines) shown in WinMISKAM

Fig. 2: Roads (red lines) with WinMISKAM add-on module
Line sources mapped to the MISKAM calculation grid

  • Karlsruhe

    An der Rossweid 15
    76229 Karlsruhe

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    Friedrichstraße 24
    01067 Dresden

  • Bochum

    Wasserstr. 223
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