System for the calculation of air pollutant

concentrations during and after accidental releases

on stationary facilities


What is SAMS?

SAMS is a PC based on-line system for the simulation of the dispersion of air pollutants during and after an accidental release at stationary (fixed installations) or mobile (for example transportation) sources. SAM-S calculates the airborne pollutant concentration in a area up to approx. 30 km x 30 km and shows as result isolines of the concentration on maps.

During a run SAMS calculates at a time the

  • Concentration distribution at the actual time (= diagnosis) and the
  • Expected concentration distribution in the future (= prognosis), max. 2 hours in advance.

The diagnosis is updated every 3 minutes.

SAMS basic version

The basic version of SAMS contains the following modules:

  • Gaussian cloud modell based on guideline VDI 3945 sheet 1 (see:
  • Mesoscale diagnostic complex terrain wind field model. Used for the extrapolation of measured meteorological data (10 minutes average of wind speed, wind velocity, turbulence and atmosperic stability) at one or several meteorological stations.
  • Release rate model for gases, liquids and liquid gases with pool evaporation.
  • Substance and scenario database

Extention modules

At the moment the following extention modules are available:

  • Dispersion calculation in build-up areas on basis of precalculated MISKAM wind fields.
  • Integration of nocturnal drainage flow fields
  • Database for measured concentrations
  • Source term calculation module including measuring location proposal
  • Facility database
  •  Warning at predefined locations

System requirements

SAMS runs on PC's with at least 2 GHz and 512 MB RAM. WINDOWS 2000 or XP is recommend as operating system. If necessary a modem card or a RS422 interface card for the transfer of meteorological data must be added to the PC.

Meteorological measuring devices

Meteorological data (10 minutes average of wind speed, wind velocity, turbulence and atmosperic stability) of one or serveral meteorological stations is needed by SAM-S.

For that purpose ultrasonic anemometers are best suited (e.g. METEK's Ultrasonic Anemometer uSonic-3 Scientific ( Ultrasonic anemometers are maintenance-free and are able to measure turbulence parameters.


Downloads (Manual)

Further information/contact

Due to the modular design, SAMS can be easily custom-tailored. Please contact us, in order to find the ideal configuration for your needs. We would be glad to send you an individual offer.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Thomas Flassak (phone: ++49 - (0)721 - 62510 21 or email: info [dot] ka [at] lohmeyer [dot] de)

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